Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grilled Cheese Night Just Got an Upgrade...

Prosciutto Much?
 Allllrighty, this is the second day of following my recipe plan and so far, so good! That's right, tonight I made fancy grilled cheese...well they kind of turned into ham and cheese...but then I got prosciutto...ok, ok, it definitely ended up going a different direction than "grilled cheese." Especially because I found smoked Swiss...I knew smoked cheddar was around, but smoked Swiss?? This exists?! Anyway, TRUST me, they were insanely delicious cheesy experiments and that's all that mattered! Naturally, I used my new favorite technique, broiling, to melt the cheese before I browned the sandwiches. These are a little higher caliber sandwiches and could definitely be served for a friendly sophisticated dinner with a light salad or soup. My favorite salads involve romaine lettuce, arugula, spinach, dried cranberries, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Now prosciutto is a dry-cured Italian, deliciously salty, ham that I have never purchased, but discovered today is INSANELY EXPENSIVE. Um 25 dollars a pound?! Well I was just making sandwiches for myself, so I splurged...6 slices for 6 dollars...I say if you don't completely lose your senses around a deli counter-like Yours Truly-just use a thinly-sliced flavorful ham. However, to give in to the Snobby Foodie deep within-the prosciutto reeeally added a rich, salty, light flavor that made for a spectacular "Grilled Cheese." I made two tonight...

The Smokin' Golden Apple...
       2 slices quality bread, buttered on one side
       Smoked Swiss Cheese, enough to cover each slice of bread (or 2 slices Swiss Cheese)
       2 1/4" slices Golden Delicious Apple
       1 slice prosciutto (can also use ham)

Heat the broiler. Place the bread slices, butter-side-down in a frying pan. Layer cheese on top of each slice. Put frying pan in oven about 5" from broiler, with oven cracked open, until cheese begins to melt-3-4min. 

Once cheese has melted, place an apple slice on each side of sandwich, then prosciutto (or ham) on one side.

Place on stove over medium heat, after each half is lightly browned put sandwich together and finish cooking to desired brown. Serve Immediately.

       The Cheesy Tomata
       2 slices quality bread, buttered
       2 slices Swiss Cheese
       2 slices tomato (enough for one layer, completely covering bread)
       1 slice prosciutto (or ham)

I followed the same procedure as in the first sandwich. I used a little extra tomato and cheese because I had fairly large bread slices. First, I broiled the Swiss cheese on the bread until melty.

Then topping with tomato and prosciutto and finishing on the stovetop. Delicious!!

These sandwiches made for a quick and elegant dinner. They were delicious and filling, I would have pushed one on The Roommate, if not for her strong aversion to cheese...such a strange child she is. I especially loved the Smokin' Golden Apple, the salty cheese and prosciutto played off the super tender and sweet golden delicious apple admirably. I want to thank my motorcycle-riding Dayton friend for the prosciutto inspiration, which totally brought it all together!